The Obsidian Artifacts

The Obsidian Sword (Book One)

What started as a simple journey quickly turns into a race to save the world where magic, secrets, and love collide.

Twenty-one-year-old Wren is on a journey to Valasia—the land of the Light Fae—to learn how to use her newly discovered Light magic. However, when she finds herself hunted by a group of men intent on ending her life, she turns to Silas—a handsome, dark stranger—to keep her safe.

On a mission of his own, Silas agrees to help Wren to her destination. Now, he must decide where his loyalties lie—with his people or the intriguing woman he met on the road.

Together, they uncover a plot created by the Dark Fae. A plan so evil it will destroy the human realm. Wren and Silas must join forces—despite the differences and secrets between them—to find the first of the Obsidian Artifacts before chaos ensues.

The Obsidian Crown (Book Two)

Wren and Silas’s quest for the Obsidian Artifacts continues in the second and final novel of the Obsidian Artifacts duology. 

With the Obsidian Sword in hand, a journey across the ocean to the mysterious Edien Island—home of the Elementals—is just the beginning for Wren and her friends. They will have to survive the danger and magic of the island in order to bring home the Obsidian Crown.

But their work isn’t finished, even with the Crown in hand. Wren must infiltrate Valasia—currently under siege by the Dark Fae—to steal back the Obsidian Eyeglass. Without it their hope of winning the war disappears.

In this thrilling conclusion of the Obsidian Artifacts duology by Whitney L. Spradling, the fate of the world rests with Wren and her friends. With the Obsidian Artifacts in their hands they will fight to bring peace to a world torn apart by the Dark Fae.