Romantic Content Rating System (RCRS)

I have adopted the Romantic Content Rating System (RCRS) to maintain transparency with my readers, and to help manage expectations. This will help keep you informed about the level of spice in each of my books.

All books are given a rating. The description of each rating is listed in the graphics below.

1. Romance with very mild content (feel good vibes, but nothing physical).

2. Romance with mild content (holding hands and mild kissing).

3. Romance with moderate content (heavier kissing).

4. Romance with a bit more moderate content (fade-to-black/no sex on the page).

5. Romance with strong content (on-page sex & tame descriptions; focus on feelings).

6. Romance with stronger content (multiple on-page sex scenes & tame descriptions; focus on feelings).

7. Romance with intense content (on-page sex with explicit descriptions).

8. Romance with more intense content (multiple on-page sex with explicit descriptions).

9. Romance with extreme content (go ahead and use your imagination).

10. Romance with more extreme content (erotica).