The Fates Trilogy

These Dangerous Fates

Genre: Adult paranormal why choose romance
Available: 7.16.2023
RCRS: 8.5

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I live in a magical world. A world filled with vampires, shifters, and mages.
Mysteriously, I was born without powers.

After living the past two years in a personal hell, enduring abuse from a fiance I didn’t choose, I finally snapped. An act of self-defense against my fiance angers my father, and in retaliation for my actions, he creates the ultimate contest. One that only the most powerful magicals can compete in to win my hand in marriage.

It sounds bleak, but anything has to be better than my current situation. At least, I thought so, until they appeared in the middle of the night to whisk me away.

A vampire prince.

A wolf without a pack.

A powerful mage.

My three captors do everything they can to win the contest, and as the attraction between the four of us grows, so does their desire to keep me safe.

When the mystery of my birth comes into play, we begin to question everything I thought I knew about my life. Am I just a human with no magical powers? Or am I something else entirely? One thing is certain, if my captors cannot keep me safe, more than my heart is at stake: my life is on the line.

WARNING: This book is a dark and gritty paranormal romance. It contains on page sexual assault, on page nonconsenual sexual encounters, graphic sex, drugs/alcohol, violence, language, and blood. This is a why choose romance, meaning the main character will end up with at least three guys by the end of the series. If you enjoy tattooed bad guys who’d do anything for their girl, MM relationships, and plenty of heat, then join the fates in These Dangerous Fates.